Charter ownership ... an economical way to own a boat!

Charter ownership ... an economical way to own a boat!

Charter ownership is a way to turn your dream of becoming a boat owner one day … into a reality today. Charter ownership allows you to invest in your lifestyle now and start making precious new memories with your family and friends immediately. Best of all … charter ownership means you leave the cleaning, mooring and repairs to someone else!

Your golden ticket to owning a boat

Your golden ticket to owning a boat

Charter ownership allows you to generate income when you don’t have time to get out on your yacht. The revenue generally covers operating costs and a portion, or in some cases all, of your loan payment. You may even pocket some cash.

Plus, you can take advantage of tax benefits, similar to owning a rental property.

So, how do you get your boat in a charter?

Beneteaus are a favourite with charter clients. We have contacts with all of the premier charter companies who would love to have your new boat as part of their fleet. They take meticulous care of the fleet, ensure your boat is comprehensively equipped and pride themselves in presenting the yachts perfectly.

When you enter a business partnership with a charter company,your yacht needs to be commercially surveyed. This can be a tedious and painful process. The Flagstaff team are experts at ensuring boats meet RMS Commercial Survey requirements. They will assist with the process, meaning you can start making revenue with your new boat faster.

Financial Assistance

Flagstaff can help set up finance with a number of lenders and you can work with our charter partners to structure things to deliver the best return on investment.

First time charter owners are amazed when they realise the potential. Kim Bangle has been thrilled with her experience. Her Beneteau Oceanis is part of the SailTime fleet based on the leafy, tranquil Pittwater.

“I am new to sailing and I thought I’d never buy a boat. I assumed it was dead money. It seemed like such a waste. I was introduced to the concept of charter ownership and ended up with a beautiful boat without the cost. I always get first choice for major events including New Year’s Eve and I use the boat whenever I want.”

Imagine your boat was moored in the Whitsundays, or Sydney, or both. Wherever you would like your boat kept, we can connect you with the perfect charter company.

You truly can live your dreams today.

The benefits of owning a charter boat

It’s cost effective: charter options make boat ownership accessible to year-round use. You can sail when you want without the cost attached.

Earn money while you relax: many people worry they don’t have the time to warrant purchasing a boat. Charter owners can relax knowing when they don’t have time to get out on the water their boat is generating an income.

Tax breaks: offset the costs of your boat including the burden of unexpected repairs.

Lifestyle: This is your chance to spend warm summer days on the water with family and friends. Beat the crowds and find a secluded beach just for you.

Leave the hard stuff to someone else: You get the wonderful experience of boat ownership minus the cleaning, maintenance, mooring, services and repairs. All you need to do is show up!