Dock & Go

Dock & Go makes it easy to control and manoeuvre your Beneteau under power … a dream come true when you are coming into that tight berth on a windy day.

The Dock & Go system is incredibly accurate and means that even a novice can dock in the most difficult marina berths.



The Dock & Go delivers the same power as a standard engine and bow thruster in one intuitive joy stick.

So 90° rotation to port or starboard and forward and reverse on the spot rotation are simple and easy to achieve.

On board intelligence means that the bow drive is synchronised with the saildrive pod, rotating a full 360° thanks to smart on-board calculators.

Emergency Stop

When you need to reverse in a hurry, the sail drive rotates and you still have full power. This rotation happens super fast and is assisted by an electric engine. It’s great to be able to do an emergency stop if you need to!


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